The Polar Vortex Is Proving Exactly Why Green Energy Is a Disaster for America’s Power Grid

Green Energy is not sustainable!


H/T Western Journal.

Frozen wind turbines can not produce electricity neither can snow covered solar panels.

In the name of environmentalism, many on the left have proposed switching the nation’s energy from reliable fossil fuels to new green energy sources that rely on the good fortune of clear skies and proper wind velocity to power America.

As if that weren’t enough cause to hesitate to indulge in such wishful thinking, another vulnerability has become painfully apparent as a third of the contiguous U.S. was plunged into subzero temperatures Monday due to a polar vortex weather pattern, according to CNN.

Not only have freezing temperatures created an excessive draw on the power grid as residents struggle to keep warm, but generating electricity has also become a major issue for areas that rely on sources such as solar and wind power.

In Texas, freezing temperatures and winter precipitation have caused some…

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