When the American soldiers landed in Batangas – 1945

  This is the continuation of the article that appeared on Pacific Paratrooper’s blog about my parent’s escape from the Japanese when the American soldiers landed in Batangas in 1945. If you have not read it yet, I advise you to go to Pacific Paratrooper’s blog first before you continue reading this article. Thanks.   …

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What is Subli?


What is Subli?

Subli preceded Christianity in the Philippines and is a pre-Spanish era’s religious ritual. The people of Bauan, Batangas paid homage to the cross, reverently called Mahal na Poong Alitagtag (Beloved Holy Cross of Alitagtag) by dancing the folk dance called Subli. The dance is traced to the town of Bauan, Batangas. Subli recalls the first journey of the manunubli, early tribes who settled in Bauan as they went through the fields, the hills and rivers in search of the miraculous cross.
Subli came from the word “subsob” which means to fall with the head down and “bali” (accent on the second syllable) meaning broken. This is interpreted in the way the male dancers look down and also the way the dancers move in steps. Others said it came from the word “sobli” meaning “salisi” or the exchange of place which is a prominent feature of the dance.

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Designing a Garden

Rosarians’ things to do in winter.

Rose Gardening World

LM Garden in Winter My New York Rose Garden, photo taken on Jan. 14, 2009.


Winter has finally arrived and since it is our downtime, it is a great time to plan and design your garden. If you have an existing bed, maybe it is time to redesign it. What can you do to improve the garden next spring?  It is too cold to work outside so you can do some planning work inside. 


I usually pull out my gardening books especially those that deal with garden design. I have four books that always come up this time of the year. “Beautiful American Rose Gardens” by Mary Tonetti Dorra is great for planning a rose garden. There are some formal plans in the book where you can get an idea of planning a formal garden. “Landscape with Roses” by Jeff Cox has more informal beds incorporating other plants.  Penelope Hobhouse’s “Garden Designs”…

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Snow in Charleston, SC. Really?

 Yes, it does snow in Charleston. Not Charleston, West Viriginia but Charleston, South Carolina. Not often but it does. Today is one of those days. The last big one was in 1989, the same year they had Hurricane Hugo. It happened on Dec.22 and they got 8 inches of snow. Charleston had a white Christmas …

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Significant Events on January 1st Throughout History

  Throughout history, there are some significant events that happened on the first day of the year.  Here are a few of them: 1583 - 1st day of the Gregorian calendar in Holland and Flanders 1622 - Papal Chancery adopts Jan. 1 as beginning of the year 1673 - Regular mail delivery begins between New …

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Doing New Year’s resolutions anyone?

  Is it that time of year again when everyone is thinking of making resolutions for the new year? How did you make out in 2017? Did you accomplish what you resolved to do? I accomplished a lot but not all. I sometimes wonder what’s the big idea behind this resolution thing. Most resolutions are …

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