Things to do this St.Patrick’s Day Weekend

Have a fun time this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!

Long Island Past and Present

Bayville Haunted St. Patrick Haunted Houses

March 17 & 18, Friday and Saturday

7:30 pm to 10 pm

Bayville Adventure Park

8 Bayville Ave., Bayville, NY

Bayville Haunted St. Patrick’s has 3 Haunted Houses. A St. Patrick’s themed house, St. Patrick’s at the Asylum, and the Leprechaun Fun House. The St. Patrick’s themed house has a secret Bar (separate admission).

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

March 19, Sunday

1 pm

Glen Cove St., Glen Cove, NY

The parade begins on Forest Avenue north of Dosoris Lane, goes to Brewster Street, turns slightly left onto School Street, turns left onto Glen Street, and ends at the corner of Glen Street and Pulaski Street.

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After Parade Party

March 19, Sunday

2:30 pm – 6:00 pm


3 Pratt Blvd.

Glen Cove, NY

There will be a fun and family-friendly After…

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An 11th Airborne Division Association – “Angels” New Year’s Miracle

I saw this article on my Facebook feed from the 11th Airborne Division Association – “Angels” and I’m happy to share it with the fans of WWII history. Great story and a New Year’s Miracle indeed!

I was recently contacted by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the 11th Airborne Division who told me of an 11th Airborne ring that had been found by a metal detectorist at Delray Beach in Florida.

Looking through our records, I found that Alan Jack Saltzman served in Company A, 127th Airborne Engineers during World War II. I also found one article indicating that Jack may have provided vocals for the 11th Airborne Division Band, but I am still looking into that.

Trooper Saltzman died in 2010 of cancer and left his 11th AB ring to his son who was wearing it on the beach on December 31, 2022. While cleaning up their chairs, Jack’s son noticed that the ring was missing and was crushed to lose such a treasured heirloom.

The next day, Leonard Epstein was out with his metal detector and came upon the ring. He quickly contacted the 11th Airborne Division in Alaska who reached out to me and I was able to find Jack Saltzman’s last known contact information. Len cold called the number and Trooper Saltzman’s son nearly broke down in tears to hear that his father’s ring had been found and that Len was mailing it back to him. Miracles do happen and what a great way to kick off 2023.

Happy New Year’s, Angels!


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An 11th Airborne Division Association – “Angels” New Year’s Miracle:

My Last Farewell by Jose Rizal


On December 30, 1896, Jose Rizal was executed by firing squad on grounds of treason by the Spaniards, which ignited the fire for the Philippine revolution against the Spanish Regime. He wrote this poem before his execution.

Spanish English
“Mi último adiós”
original version by José Rizal

Adiós, Patria adorada, región del sol querida,
Perla del mar de oriente, nuestro perdido Edén!
A darte voy alegre la triste mustia vida,
Y fuera más brillante, más fresca, más florida,
También por ti la diera, la diera por tu bien.

En campos de batalla, luchando con delirio,
Otros te dan sus vidas sin dudas, sin pesar;
El sitio nada importa, ciprés, laurel o lirio,
Cadalso o campo abierto, combate o cruel martirio,
Lo mismo es si lo piden la patria y el hogar.

Yo muero cuando veo que el cielo se colora
Y al fin anuncia el día tras lóbrego capuz;

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Happy 100th Birthday to Mom

Mom in San Diego with Matt's and Heidi's dogs - Butters and Montauk.

Happy Birthday, Mom, in heaven. If she were alive today, she’d be celebrating her 100th birthday.

Mom was born on December 16, 1922, and died on November 23, 2019, at age 96. She had a wonderful life!

She was six years old when her father died, leaving her mom with nine children to take care of. She was the youngest girl but not the youngest in the family. Two more boys came after her. She was very pretty as a young girl, and her brothers watched and guarded her around her suitors while growing up. After her father died, her mom found ways to become a successful businesswoman in the textile and jewelry industries and a landowner in her own right in a business world dominated by men. She was way ahead of her time. I think Mom got her strong character from my grandmother. All this is documented in my book called “The Iron Butterfly.”

Mom and Dad’s love story started with Mom’s photo published in a magazine, and Dad saw it and became smitten. He sent her letters and postcards nonstop until she finally got curious to find out who this guy was. The correspondence started, and Dad wanted to meet her in person, but she was elusive. It took Dad almost two years to finally meet her.

Their meeting was quite hilarious, and I loved it. Dad was able to find someone to show him where she lived. He knocked at her door, and her mom answered. He said he wanted to meet her daughter. Her mom thought he came for some business because he looked like a successful businessman, and her mom being in business, thought that was the case. Dad apparently made a good impression on Grandma, who told Dad to have a seat in the living room and would get my mom.

In the meantime, Dad saw all those pictures of him on the wall next to hers. When she finally appeared, he pretended to be busy scrutinizing the photos and asked her who was the man next to her picture. Mom lied and said he was a cousin of hers. Dad asked who had sent her the photos and the postcards. She said again it was a cousin of hers. Then he said it happened that he sent someone the same pictures and postcards and then looked at her. Mom stared at him and recognized him.

She said, “Mom told me you are from the next town and have a different name.”

“That is my real name and my real hometown. I live most part of the year in Baguio, where I have a store.”

She was so embarrassed and wanted to bolt out, but Dad was quick and grabbed her arm, but she shook it. They ended up laughing at each other.

When the war broke, and Dad finally made it home from Baguio, Dad continued their courtship. Fearing the Japanese might harm her, Mom finally said yes, and they got married. Their courtship lasted four years!

They have four kids, my three brothers and me. We had a wonderful childhood with Dad’s business going from feast to famine, and Mom was always helping Dad in his business. I admire Mom for her tenacity in the face of hardship, both financially and emotionally. My parents believed their most significant accomplishment was that we all finished college.

After all of us kids left for the US, Mom started making the trip abroad. She started visiting after my son, Matt, was born, and she made the trip to the US every two years. At some point, she stayed for four years and went back home when Dad got sick.

She was always there when I moved to a new home. At my present home, one of my bedrooms is called Lola’s room because she was the first one to stay in that room. Lola is grandma in Tagalog, the Philippine language.

Mom loved to shop, but I particularly did not like going shopping. So, she would go to NJ, and my sister-in-law would take her shopping. While in the US, she moved around between my siblings’ homes: two in New Jersey, one in Vermont (now in Florida), and me in Long Island (now in Charleston). She missed the grandchildren when she stopped making the trip. She was already in her late 80s when she decided to stop her travels.

Mom, thank you for all that you did for me, my brothers, and our families. Enjoy your 100th birthday with Dad up there!

Cavite Province and Its History – Conclusion


Front view of Aguinaldo House in Kawit, Cavite. Photo Credit: Patrick Roque

On August 28, 1896, when the revolution against Spain broke out, Cavite became a bloody theater of war. Emilio Aguinaldo led the Caviteños on lightning raids on Spanish headquarters and soon liberated the entire province through the Battle of Alapan.

The rivalry between Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio became intense after a split in revolutionary ranks between factions loyal to one or the other. Bonifacio’s headquarters was at Imus and Aguinaldo’s at what is now General Trias.

After peacemaking efforts failed, the great revolutionary Andres Bonifacio, head of Katipunan, the armed revolutionary brotherhood against the Spaniards, and his brother were arrested by the Aguinaldo’s group and imprisoned in the church in Maragondon, then tried and condemned for sedition by a revolutionary military court. They were executed on nearby Mt. Buntis on May 11, 1897.

Long after the…

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Cavite Province and Its History – Part III


Monument marking the execution site of the Gomburza in Rizal Park
Photo Credit: Wikipedia by Windows72106 

In 1869, the Spanish Cortes recognized individual freedom of expression, association, and worship, legalized civil marriage, and introduced the jury system. A wealthy liberal, Carlos Maria de la Torre, was sent to the Philippines as the new governor-general. Once installed, de la Torre banned flogging in the military, lifted restrictions on the press, public demonstrations, and forming of associations aimed at reform, etc. This behavior did not sit well with the long-time Spanish expatriates and clergy, who feared such a display of liberalism would entertain ideas of a free society.

Unfortunately, Amadeo of Savoy was installed as Spanish King, and de la Torre was recalled in 1871 and replaced by Rafael de Izquierdo, who promptly restored the restrictions. He also withdrew the exemption from tribute and forced labor (polos y servicios) that…

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Cavite Province and Its History – Part II


Due to its military importance, Cavite had been attacked by foreigners in their quest to conquer Manila and the Philippines.

In 1647, the Dutch made a surprise attack on the city, pounding the port incessantly, but were repulsed. At Sangley Point still stands the ruins of Porta Vaga Church which was destroyed during the attack. San Roque Church, near the ruins, houses Porta Vaga’s patron – a 17th century painting of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad.

Our Lady of Solitude de Porta Vaga, Patroness of Cavite Province – Photo Credit: Percy s a Carballo

During the 17th century, Cavite City developed as a center for shipbuilding and naval operations. Giant molave trees from the forest around Paete were floated across Laguna de Bay, down the Pasig River, and across Manila Bay to Cavite, where many of the great Manila galleons were built.

When the Spaniards decided to withdraw…

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Cavite Province and Its History – Part I


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons by Jimboy085

Cavite province extends south of Manila along Manila Bay and includes Corregidor Island, and bounds the provinces of Rizal, Laguna, and Batangas. The proximity of Manila provides a job and agricultural market, particularly for coastal residents. In 1954, Trece Martires City was created as a planned capital city from portions of Tanza, Indang, Naic, and General Trias. Despite the transfer of capital status to Imus in 1979, Trece Martires retains many offices of the provincial government, acting thus as the de facto capital and seat of the government of the province, although Imus is the official (de jure) capital.

Cavite takes its name from the Hispanicized form of kawit, or it may be an altered form of kalawit, Tagalog words for “hook”, in reference to the hook-shaped peninsula jutting out to Manila Bay. The name initially applied to the peninsula, Cavite…

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A Few Suggestions to Stay Healthy

Stop and Smell the Roses - Stay Healthy and Stress Free

By: Rosalinda Morgan

Author,Saving Wentworth Hall

Here are a few suggestions to stay healthy. I’ve been practicing healthy habits since I’m in my early 40s, and it shows because, at this last quarter stage of my life, I have no health issues and do not take any prescription drugs.

Dementia is one issue affecting the elderly. As you get old, you seem to forget things. Losing your keys is a minor sign, but if you keep forgetting something or forget what you said constantly, you should begin to worry. Walking, doing the crossword puzzle, cooking, and reading keep your brain active. I read a lot, write quite a bit, and am an editor of two quarterly newsletters. Exercise or any physical activity will increase your brain’s protective proteins and lower your risk of developing dementia. I also take time to garden – taking care of my 60 roses and…

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