Women’s March and “The Iron Butterfly”

When I heard about the hullabaloo about the Women’s March, I could not help thinking about my grandmother portrayed in my book called “The Iron Butterfly” Unlike the boisterous women some of the marchers were, my grandmother tackled the equality rights silently some 90 years ago when equality rights were still unheard of. She had … Continue reading Women’s March and “The Iron Butterfly”

Excerpts from “The Iron Butterfly”

Chapter 3, page 31-35 The orderlies placed Eugenio on the far end of the ward. Dr. Contreras went back out of the emergency room and came back with a surgeon in tow. The doctor acknowledged Regina’s presence by merely nodding his head and went right to take Eugenio’s vital signs. His pulse was terribly weak … Continue reading Excerpts from “The Iron Butterfly”

Today is International Women’s Day

Salute to all the women on International Women’s Day! Today, I want to honor my grandmother for her courage and daring ambition to be the best she could be given the circumstance she was in at that time.  She was the inspiration for my latest book, “The Iron Butterfly”. She was a feminist before the word came … Continue reading Today is International Women’s Day

Book Giveaways – “The Iron Butterfly”

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 signed First Edition copies of "The Iron Butterfly" by Rosalinda R Morgan. Here is the link: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/170929-the-iron-butterfly, Giveaways end March 15, 2016. The Iron Butterfly is a gripping tale about the intense devotion and ordeal of Regina Buendia, a young mother who suddenly finds herself all … Continue reading Book Giveaways – “The Iron Butterfly”