Motivational Monday – Week 8

Why does such a simple thing as keeping busy help to drive out anxiety? Because of a law – one of the most fundamental laws ever created by psychology. And that law is: that it is utterly impossible for any human mind no matter how brilliant, to think of more than one thing at any …

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Wordless Wednesday 7 – Storm Clouds at Whitney Lake

Until next time – Stop and smell the roses. Rosalinda, The Rose Lady   Rosalinda Morgan Author & Garden Writer  

Motivational Monday – Week 7

The shaping of our life is our own work. It is a thing of beauty, or a thing of shame, as we ourselves make it. We lay the corner and add joint to joint, we give the proportion, we set the finish. It may be a thing of beauty and of joy forever. God forgive …

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Motivational Monday – Week 6

  “Do you know that if you are courteous and pleasant all day during your work that you will go home at night less fatigued than if you gave way to irritation? Pleasantry, light laughs, relieve tension. It isn’t work that makes you tired, it’s your mental attitude. Try it.” By Dale Carnegie   Until …

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What is the Best Valentine Day’s Gift? Find out.

This year’s Valentine Day is different for me. After 46 years of marriage, what is there to give? Roses? No. I like fragrant roses from my garden. Chocolates? I like See’s Candies but they are not sold in South Carolina. Diamond? Not my kind of stone. I like pearls and colored stones. I want none of those things. Basically, we …

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