How We Commemorate Memorial Day

I will spend Memorial Day quietly thinking about my parents’ life during WWII and the soldiers that died defending our freedom. I am here today because of them and with much gratitude I salute the armed forces.

The Tactical Hermit


Today, after writing this, I’ll walk to Swiss Cottage station, take the Jubilee line to Bond Street, and head east on the Central line from there.  I’ll emerge from London’s labyrinthine underground network in the shadow of the towering dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Once inside, I’ll head to the eastern end of the building and find the American Memorial Chapel.  This corner of the cathedral complex was destroyed during the blitz in World War II, and the chapel was rebuilt as a commemoration of the Americans who died during the conflict.

That will be my place to reflect, to mark this day.  Memorial Day is at once a national day of commemoration and an intensely personal one.  We all feel Memorial Day differently.  But however it’s experienced, it’s the day we set aside as a nation, when we can take a few moments to remember.

There are specific memories…

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BAHALA NA (Come What May) -Limited Time Offer

In remembrance of Memorial Day, I’m offering Kindle copy of “BAHALA NA (COME WHAT MAY)" for $0.99 for a limited time only, beginning today, Sunday, May 29 and ends Sunday, June 5. BAHALA NA (Come What May) is a gripping tale of WWII based on actual events that happened in the Philippines. At the same …

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Happy Memorial Day and remember . . .

Lest we forget, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those men and women of the armed forces who have made the supreme sacrifice in times of war.   The occasion of Memorial Day will be marked by parades, speeches and wreath-laying ceremonies.  People are urged to take time from their day’s activities on Memorial …

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Red Poppies in Memory of Veterans

Every year around Memorial Day, you see volunteers of the American Legion Auxiliary distributing bright red crepe paper poppies made by hospitalized veterans in exchange for contributions which help both disabled and hospitalized veterans.  The program provides multiple benefits to veterans and the community. Donations are used exclusively to assist and support veterans and their …

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“The Wentworth Legacy” Debut

Do you miss Downton Abbey? Don’t despair. You’ll love my latest book, "The Wentworth Legacy - A Long Island Novel". Take a look at the way of life of the rich during the Roaring Twenties. Take advantage of the pre-order price of “The Wentworth Legacy” in Kindle, available now at Price will go up …

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Motivational Monday – Week 18

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live; it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. And unselfishness is letting other people’s lives alone, not interfering with them. Selfishness always aims at creating around it an absolute uniformity of type. Unselfishness recognizes infinite variety of type as a delightful thing, accepts …

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