About Rosalinda

“What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

By William Shakespeare

My name is Rosalinda meaning “Beautiful Rose”. My maiden name is Rosales meaning “of relating to a rose”. Is it a surprise that I love roses? I am a writer who is also passionate about roses. My love of the written words started when I was in high school and my passion for gardening especially roses started a year after I got married. 

As an author, I’m a late bloomer and I’m catching up on lost times at a fast pace. 

I was born and raised in the Philippines which is the setting of my two historical novels:

1.      Bahala Na (Come What May), A World War II Story of Love, Faith, Courage, Determination and Survival –released in March 2013

2.     The Iron Butterfly – released in June 2015

I lived on the North Shore of Long Island in New York for 40 years which is the setting of my latest historical novel, Saving Wentworth Hall. My next novel, a crime fiction is also set on the North Shore of Long Island. Stay tuned.

I love historical novels and family sagas and write in the same genre. Check Goodreads for my favorite books –https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/19235463.

Besides reading and writing about historical fiction, I love gardening. The rose is my favorite flower and I write extensively about them. I just published a non-fiction: “Stop and Smell the Roses”, a rose gardening book and a motivational book. I am an American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian, an accredited rose authority who gives rose advice to the public for FREE. If you like roses or want to grow roses, check these websites: www.rosegardeningworld.com and www.rosegardeningworld.wordpress.com. I also started a Facebook group called Rose Gardening World and it has attracted thousands of active members posting rose pictures and rose culture daily. Check it out.

Being a rose grower, I served as President of the Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society and the Long Island Rose Society and was editor of their newsletters, The Charleston Rose and Long Island Rosarian respectively. I was also the editor of Manhattan Rose Society’s newsletter, Skyscrapers and Roses, a columnist for Southampton Rose Society, Dune Rose and New York District’s newsletter, The Empire Rosarian and is the current editor of the award-winning “Carolina Rosarian” of the Carolina District of the American Rose Society.

I love classical music, antiques and books of course! 

I also love dogs. I take care of my son’s dog, Skipper, a Swedish Lapphund, when my son is at work.

Hope to see you again soon. Check back often for new updates.

Thank you and enjoy the site.



8 thoughts on “About Rosalinda

  1. Romnick O. Acena

    Hello, I’m currently writing a paper on BAHALA NA – “Authenticity in ‘bahala na’ concept of Filipinos). Can you please, ma’am, help me.


  2. I used “Bahala Na” for the title of my first book which was based on my father’s life. He mentioned it a few times in my book and my husband thought it was a good title. Aside from those, I really don’t use the term. I left the Philippines just over 50 years ago and have only been home four times. Where I have lived in the states, there are not many Filipinos so I really haven’t used that term as often as most Filipinos do.


  3. Lauren

    Hello, I was really curious about what you said about living on the two largest islands in the U.S. for some reason, so I looked it up. Long Island, NY, is indeed the largest island in the *contiguous* United States, but there are 8 larger Alaskan islands, plus Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Johns Island, SC, is wayyy further down the list. Here’s the Wikipedia link if you’re interested. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_islands_of_the_United_States_by_area)
    I’m not trying to be rude, but thought I would let you know. I too love islands and roses and enjoyed reading this. Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No need to apologize. I was even surprised when I found out Long Island is the largest island in the contiguous United States. When I moved here in 2011 and registered for my driver’s license, I was told when I mentioned that I was from Long Island, this man next to me said Johns Island was the second biggest island and I checked it out and sure enough, it said so. I have no idea where Wikipedia got their info but I can be wrong or Wikipedia can be wrong too. I found out that not all their data are correct so most of the time, I researched at various venues. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks for the comment.


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