The Spaniards Discovered the Philippines – Part 2

The Philippine story continues . . .


Magellan's map

Magellan established friendly relations with the treacherous King of Cebu, Humabon, who professed Christianity in order to win the help of Magellan. The great navigator was induced to undertake an expedition to conquer the neighboring island of Mactan for the Catholic faith and the King of Cebu.

Lapu lapu by Lapu-lapu Statue. To the left is magellan’s shrine. Photo

At the muddy island called Mactan, their chieftain, Rajah Cilapulapu (Lapu-lapu) was not as friendly and accommodating. It’s unclear whether Magellan commanded Lapu-lapu to submit to Spanish sovereignty, or whether he became involved in a petty local dispute. Lapu-lapu was the first native leader to resist the attempt of the colonizing invaders to Christianize them. His people rebelled against the Rajah Humabon of Cebu and his foreign guests.

Battle of Mactan by Battle of Mactan – Photo Credit:

As Magellan waded ashore at Mactan with his 60 armor-clad Spanish men, he was met by Lapu-lapu and…

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