March 18 – My parents’ wedding anniversary


Today, March 18, 2018 marks the 75th wedding anniversary of my parent and if Dad did not pass away in May 2007, I’m sure there would be a party. Filipinos love parties. They will find any excuse to have a party.

What made their marriage endure for so long? Love, patience, total commitment and resilience. Dad being a businessman had his share of worries and problems. It was feast or famine at my house growing up. One day, Dad had three gas stations or had an exclusive on iron window grill business bringing too much money and then one day, he was totally broke. We managed somehow. Dad was on a cash basis. If he did not have the money, he did not buy anything. No credit card, no mortgage on the house. (I wish I have that luck.) When he bought land and built a house, it was…

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