How the Philippine Islands were formed


The Philippines is a country full of legends. Filipinos love legends and myths and they believe in superstitions. The legend of the sea and the sky (posted on Sept 2, 2017) is one of them. In truth, there were only the huge body of water, the mighty ocean which would later be called the Pacific Ocean and the encompassing sky above it in the beginning. At that time, the Philippine tectonic plate sat squeezed between the vast Pacific and Asiatic plates.

Geologically speaking, the Philippine archipelago was formed by volcanic eruptions from under the sea and the buckling of the earth’s crust when two tectonic plates collided about 65 million years ago. When the world’s largest and much heavier Pacific Plate moved under the smaller Philippine Plate, the Philippine Plate buckled under the tectonic pressure pushing land masses. Northern Luzon sat on the western edge of the Philippine Plate, while…

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