Tips on Buying Roses

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Lowwes Roses 

On a recent visit to Lowe’s, I encountered a whole shelf of bagged roses. Then the following week, a whole shipment of container roses appeared on the display areas. If you are a novice rose gardeners, you’ll wonder which roses to buy.

Buying roses should not be a great challenge. You can purchase roses through the mail-order companies or buy at your local nursery stores or even discount stores and groceries. However, not all roses have the same quality. Your best option is to buy from reliable sources which can guarantee their quality.

Roses are graded according to a uniform standard. Some plants will be better than others due to variances with rootstocks and bud eyes and placement in growing fields. Number 1’s grade is the best and obviously cost more. Some nurseries will order a mix of 1’s, 1 ½’s and some will even order 2’s…

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