The Wentworth Legacy’s Publication Date for Paperback Is On Track

I just finished the final edit of the paperback edition of The Wentworth Legacy. It is going into launch mode in a few days. After several edits, I’m looking forward to see the finished product.


The Wentworth Legacy Kindle Cover Revised


If you have not seen my previous posts, this is my third historical novels. The first two books I wrote are set in the Philippines. The Wentworth Legacy is set in New York, my old hometown. I have lived in New York for 44 years – 4 years in Manhattan and 40 years in Oyster Bay. I love Long Island except the cold weather.


The Wentworth Legacy is about Long Island North Shore and the old money which is a dying breed. But it is still fascinating to read about them. You only wish you have that kind of money to afford their standard of living.  Well, you can always dream.


So order your copy of The Wentworth Legacy today and enjoy. Kindle is available now on pre-order at Amazon and the paperback copy is coming out in a few days.


Stay tuned . . .


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda, The Rose Lady


Rosalinda R Morgan

Author & Garden Writer




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