Helpful Tips to Make Housecleaning a Breeze

We all hate it, but it has to be done.  Don’t spend your entire weekend inside cleaning.  Here are seven helpful hints to get the job done with speed and precision, so that you can get out and enjoy your free time!


  1. Begin with machines first. Get the clothes washer or dishwasher started so that it will be ready to empty by the time you are done with other tasks.


  1. Clean your home from top to bottom.  Dust first, vacuum last.


  1. Use your time wisely.  Spray cleaning solutions on fixtures and mirrors, so that the cleaners can begin to work while you are cleaning other areas.


  1. Use the right tools.  A damp sponge will get pet hair off upholstery.  Cloth diapers are excellent dusting clothes.  And wearing cotton gardening gloves will make mini-blind dusting a snap.


  1. Get rid of clutter.  Give it to charity or throw it in the trash.


  1. Use an Astroturf mat at the entrance to your home.  You will be surprised at how much dirt it will catch.


  1. Remove temptation.  Get rid of the table or place where all of the daily junk is piled.  You are more apt to put items away if this spot is no longer available.


Following these simple tips can help you reduce your cleaning time and make the job much easier—guaranteed.  You will notice the difference!


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda, The Rose Lady




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