Cavite Province and Its History – Part III


Monument marking the execution site of the Gomburza in Rizal Park
Photo Credit: Wikipedia by Windows72106 

In 1869, the Spanish Cortes recognized individual freedom of expression, association, and worship, legalized civil marriage, and introduced the jury system. A wealthy liberal, Carlos Maria de la Torre, was sent to the Philippines as the new governor-general. Once installed, de la Torre banned flogging in the military, lifted restrictions on the press, public demonstrations, and forming of associations aimed at reform, etc. This behavior did not sit well with the long-time Spanish expatriates and clergy, who feared such a display of liberalism would entertain ideas of a free society.

Unfortunately, Amadeo of Savoy was installed as Spanish King, and de la Torre was recalled in 1871 and replaced by Rafael de Izquierdo, who promptly restored the restrictions. He also withdrew the exemption from tribute and forced labor (polos y servicios) that…

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