Combating Corruption


IF I WERE THE NEXT PRESIDENT (Part 12 of a series)


Founder, Buklod National Political Party

Corruption, sadly, has become endemic in the Philippines. It is a big obstacle to economic growth and the reduction of economic inequality. The huge amount of money that leaks out is not spent for the general welfare of the nation, but instead, it goes to and enriches just a few.

And these few show their ill-gotten wealth blatantly without shame and without condemnation by their friends and the general public.

Corruption is widespread and deep. It continues to persist without restraint. I dare say that the three branches of government – the Executive, Legislative and Judicial are generally corrupt. And so, with the Local Government Units (LGUs). Most Filipinos have become so numbed by its prevalence such that corruption no longer comes to the consciousness as terribly wrong. And worse…

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