‘Siguradong sahod’ to substantially reduce poverty


IF I WERE THE NEXT PRESIDENT(Part 3 of a series)


Founder, Buklod National Political Party

If I were the next President, my overarching program is to substantially reduce poverty. There are several aspects to this great undertaking. I will deal first with what I call providing “Siguradong Sahod” to a targeted group–those families within the poverty threshold, as currently defined.

Widespread poverty in the Philippines has been a huge problem ever since one can remember. In fact, poverty has been the driving force for the communist insurgency that started a long time ago and which is still going on today. Widespread poverty continues to grow and all the government administrations since the proclamation of the Second Republic had not been able to stem the tide. I believe this problem has not been given the seriousness and the urgency and sufficiency of action that it rightfully…

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