Rosa Banksiae – A Charleston Native

Rose Gardening World

Syns. R. banksiana, Banksian rose, Banks’ Rose, Lady Banks’ Rose Species.

Cultivated since 1796

If you are in Charleston, SC area, this rose is blooming its head off right now. It’s the best time of the year to see it. It is part of the Charleston landscape at this time of the year!

Rosa banksiae is one of the best shrubs for a wall and will reach the top of most houses in a few years. It produces an abundance of pretty small roses with the sweetest fragrance you can imagine. The flowers are borne on last year’s wood, so it is well-advised not to prune in the spring. Only dead or useless branches have to be trimmed. The introduction date is unknown, but the double white form was first described in the Botanical Magazine for 1818 as Lady Banks’ Rose and one of the sweetest of roses. It has…

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