What’s prominent in a Filipino home?


Have you been to a Filipino home? What was the first thing you noticed?

Most Filipinos have religious statues of saints in their homes. That can range from a statue of Santo Niño or a statue of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes or Our Lady of Fatima. Also you might see a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Sadly to say, my home is probably the exception to the rule. Don’t get me wrong. I was brought up in a very religious upbringing. My parents were very religious to the point of having a private chapel at our home but my husband is not religious.

It happened this way. In the late ‘80s, my father decided to buy a piece of property across from our home. Then he built a small church for the people in our small community. A priest came down on Monday night and…

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One thought on “What’s prominent in a Filipino home?

  1. Maligayang bagong taon, Rose!

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    Be that as it may, I like your post and I thank you for visiting my blog! 😊👍


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