History of Bauan Cathedral


Bauan Church Batangas Photo Credit – Facebook

Bauan Cathedral, located in the center of town of Bauan, Batangas, across the town plaza shared a long history with the town itself. It is interesting how the church evolved throughout the centuries.

The first church of Bauan was not located at the present site. Since the Mission of Bauan was a visita (Spanish colony) of Taal, the first church was built along the southern shores of Taal Lake in a place called Tambo.

Bauan Parish was founded on May 17, 1590 as Lumang Bauan (Old Bauan) and became an independent parish on May 12, 1596.

Since its foundation, the Bauan Parish has been relocated three times.

1667 – Fr. Jose Rodriguez built another church in a place called Durungao to escape the violent eruptions of Taal Volcano.

1671 – Fr. Nicolas de Rivera relocated the church to Loual.

1692 – Another church was built near…

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