Apo Anno – A Philippine National Treasure


Apo Anno Image Photo Credit – pinoy-culture.com

Continuing on the blog from last week, I hope you are not getting a nightmare looking at these photos. If you do, I apologize.

Who is Apo Anno?

Apo Anno, a tribal leader in the Benguet province, was a descendant of a 12th century Kankanaey hunter who lived to a ripe old age of 250 years old. Kankanaey is another tribe of Benguet and according to legends, Apo Anno was the half mortal son of a goddess. Apo Anno’s mummified body is now a declared national treasure of the Philippines and part of the Filipino history and culture.

Upon his death, his body was mummified by the Kankanaeys and his mummified body was dressed in his tribal chief attire before he was placed in a wooden coffin. He was heavily tattooed, the mark of a hunter and warrior. He was covered with dried flesh, brownish…

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