Fence makes good neighbors


IMG_0770 This was my raised bed a few summers ago. 

The unit next to my townhouse was sold a few months ago and the new owner decided to extend their fenced yard which is allowed by the HOA. They have two dogs and they want more room for their dogs to run around.

Last Friday evening around 7:30 pm, I heard a knock at my front door and it was my new neighbor. He and his carpenter friend, Bill, were digging holes for the posts for his new fence.

“Do you have internet connection?” he asked.

“I hope so,” I told him. “I’m just working at my computer. Why?”

“I accidentally cut a cable outside,” he said.

“Oh no! I don’t think it’s mine.”

“Let me show you the cable.”

I was about to follow him inside his house and decided instead to go through mine. “I’ll meet you in back.”

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