Lumpia – Filipino Spring Roll

A great appetizer!


Lumpia Photo Credit – Pinterest

With Christmas around the corner, most Filipinos think about feast and the coming Christmas season. That can only mean food. At every Filipino home, there are certain food that always grace the table during family gatherings. The most prominent among them are lechon (a roast pig), pancit (a noodle dish), and lumpia (a spring roll). I particularly like Lumpiang Shanghai. It’s a great appetizer and a hit with everyone all the time.

When I lived in New York, I usually brought a tray of them whenever I went to the Christmas parties of the various charities I belonged to. I have to admit this but I didn’t cook them. I was working long hours and had no time to cook. I had a friend in New York who sold them and for $25, I could have 100 pieces and everyone loved them.

Here is a…

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