Limahong, A Chinese Pirate Invaded the Philippines, Part II


limahong 2 Invasion by Limahong. Painting by Carolos ‘Botong’ Franciscco, 1956

Limahong was determined to capture Manila in spite of the loss in Parañaque. He set sail again and arrived in Manila Bay. He sent forward his Lieutenant, Sioco, and 600 fighting men to demand the surrender of the Spaniards.

Alarm was raised in Malate which is close to Intramuros but the Spaniards took no credence to the report so no resistance was offered until the invaders were within the gates to the city.

Martin de Goiti, the Maestre de Campo and second in command to the Governor, was the first victim of the attack. Goiti and several Filipinos under the leadership of Rajah Lakandula were killed. Goiti’s wife was badly wounded but survived.

The Spaniards took refuge in Fort Santiago which the Chinese were about to take control when they were interrupted by the arrival of fresh troops led by a…

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