Banana Ketchup and Maria Orosa, a Taal scientist who invented it

Fries anyone with some Banana Ketchup? Try it. You might like it.



My son texted me one night before coming home and asked if we had fries. I said I only had sweet potato fries in the freezer and he told me to cook it. I did. I thought he would make hamburger for dinner. He came home with this ketchup looking bottle and said he went to an Asian food store. He wanted fries with his new-found ketchup. It was not ketchup at all but tasted like one. It is called Banana sauce. Some Filipinos called it Banana Catsup.

I did not know they can make ketchup from bananas so I did a research on it.

Now, if you are from Batangas, you ought to be proud of what I discovered. Banana ketchup was invented by Maria Ylagan Orosa, a food technologist and pharmaceutical chemist from Taal, Batangas in the Philippines.


Photo credit – Wikimedia

At the Historical Park, Batangas Provincial…

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