Muttontown, NY and the Muttontown Preserve

Interesting facts about Muttontown.

Long Island Past and Present

Muttontown is an incorporated upscale village in northern Oyster Bay Township with a total area of 6.1 square miles and family income is one of Long Island’s highest. The area borders Brookville to the south and west, East Norwich to the north and Syosset to the east. It does not have its own post office and residents of Muttontown have 5 different zip codes – 11791 (Syosset), 11753 (Jericho), 11732 (East Norwich), 11771 (Oyster Bay) and 11545 (Glen Head). Based on the zip codes, Muttontown also has 4 different school districts – Jericho, Syosset, Locust Valley and East Norwich-Oyster Bay. From 382 people residing there in 1950, the population has grown to 3,497 in 2010 census.

Muttontown traces its name to the early English and Dutch settlers in mid 1600s who found the rolling hills ideal for the thousands of sheep that grazed there, providing mutton and wool. The first…

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2 thoughts on “Muttontown, NY and the Muttontown Preserve

  1. I grew up in Nassau County, but never heard of it. I liked seeing the Westbury Mansion and going to the Nassau Museum a few times. Guess Muttontown just wasn’t on my radar back then.

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  2. Unless you are into nature trails, I presume it will never show up on places to see in Long Island. I do love the Westbury Mansion and its gardens. Been there a few times. The Muttontown mansions are not open for public tours except for special events but the preserve has been open to the public since even before I moved to LI in ‘71. It was and still is an untamed beauty. When the curator took me on that tour of the place, I was quite standoffish for fear I’d see a snake. BTW, I did not see a snake while restoring the rose garden. I’m not into nature walk but I love the mansion for its architectural details.


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