April 9, 1942 – The Fall of Bataan


Excerpts from Col. Irvin Alexander’s memoir, “Surviving Bataan and Beyond”, edited by Dominic J. Caraccilo.

Fall of Bataan 3 A Japanese tank column advancing in Bataan, 1942. Wikimedia Commons

As soon as he hung up, General King sent for General Parker and his chief of staff, telling them that General Jones reported he did not have a single organization that was capable of making a march followed by an attack. Then he announced, “I have decided to surrender Bataan, for I have nothing left with which I can block the Japanese advance.”

He telephoned Corregidor, asking for General Wainwright, but the general not being at his desk, General King apparently speaking to the chief of staff said, “All right I’ll talk to you. Tell General Wainwright for me that I have decided to surrender Bataan. The Japanese attack has broken through the center of the line, they are pouring on all trails toward both…

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