Snow in Charleston, SC. Really?

 Yes, it does snow in Charleston. Not Charleston, West Viriginia but Charleston, South Carolina. Not often but it does. Today is one of those days. The last big one was in 1989, the same year they had Hurricane Hugo. It happened on Dec.22 and they got 8 inches of snow. Charleston had a white Christmas at that time. I was not here then. I was still in NY where it always snows in winter.

Right before Christmas, I was talking to somebody and I said I miss New York during Christmas season. I then added “I wish we have snow”. Be careful what you wish for!

They forecasted 4” or more. Early on, I heard the forecast was 6-8 inches. I could not believe it. I remembered we had a little dusting of snow one year and it melted within the hour. Today is different. This snow is a big event. We had freezing rain when I woke up this morning. Luckily, I still have my two ice scrapers but no snow shovel. When we left NY, my husband told me to throw my ice scrapers. He said we won’t need it in Charleston. I’m glad I kept them. I gave the long handled one with the brush and ice scraper to my son when he went to work this morning but he came back an hour later because his workplace was closed.

Just before noon, the snow started coming down and it came down hard and sideways. It looked like a blizzard. The roads are icy. Most of them are closed. There were two bridges going to Johns Island and the first one closed before 9 am and the second one just before 10 am. Now, no one can’t get in or out of Johns Island unless they walk on the bridge. I doubt if the police will allow that. So we are stuck for a few days. I have enough food in the house. I ordered some Omaha Steaks and lobster tails before Christmas but did not arrive till two days after Christmas. So I have that provision. My son made a big pot of soup the other day and we still have plenty of that. If the lights go out, we can always grill outside. I have a charcoal grill, not electric so we are fine.

Here are some photos in front of my townhouse and in back:

 Early on. 



An hour later, my son with his dog in front of the house.

Skipper has not seen snow before. He moved from CA with my son three years ago. He’s most likely wondering what it is. IMG_2786


Going for a walk. IMG_2787


Cool photo . . . IMG_2788


From my balcony two hours later looking towards Whitney Lake.IMG_2793


Our townhouse is a corner unit. Looking towards the street across. IMG_2794


My terrace with the Christmas lights and my parol (Philippine star).IMG_2797



Icicles from the terrace’s pergola.IMG_2798


Sitting by my computer, I saw this view in back, four hours later.IMG_2801



In the back alley, Matt’s car on the foreground, my car across the street, the gray Volvo wagon. The garbage collector did not come today so all the garbage cans are all lined up for collection. I wonder when they are coming now that they have to deal with the snow.



It’s 5:30 pm and it is still snowing.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.







6 thoughts on “Snow in Charleston, SC. Really?

  1. This is the second post I have seen about snow on your area and the last big snow to stick being 1989. I was for that one I was working on a horse farm in Aiken SC. Here In New Brunswick, we are getting a snow storm. very typical but always some what exciting. I love a good storm.


  2. Around Christmas time, I miss the snow in NY where we used to live but not the blizzard that they are having now. It’s exciting to see the white stuff again. It is beginning to melt today.


  3. Rosalinda, I was wondering if you would give me permission to send the story I posted to the 11th Airborne Division Association? They send out a newspaper every quarter with a variety of news and stories from the past. I think they may be interested in this very much – plus it would advertise your book.
    Take your time, think it over and please get back to me one way or the other – at your convenience. Thank you.


  4. I went back to your site and reread some more comments. Do you really think it’s a good idea to send the story to the 11th Airborne Association newsletter? I suppose the historian should know what happened in Batangas. Do you know I got more visits from Japan about the story? I’m wondering what they think about it. I’m not sure about Nasuko’s comment. BTW, my friend, Chyoko, is really from Okinawa and does not look like the traditional Japanese but she said she is Japanese.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I don’t know what comments I might get from putting your story in the newsletter. They usually just print my contributions or answer my questions in the Letters to the Editor column. Nasuko takes the comments against the Japanese very seriously. She sometimes thinks I am trying to sway people into hating Japan – which I assure her I am NOT. I try to explain (through the Google translator) that we are merely discussing history long past.


  6. I suppose there is no harm in sending it. You’ve been the best PR man I have. Thanks for doing this for me. Regarding the Japanese, my feeling is ambivalent at this point. One thing for certain, I have never bought a Japanese car. I went from Oldsmobile to Volvo.


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