My 11th report for my 12-week challenge

I’m getting near the end of the challenge. One more week to go. Here is what I did during the 11th week of the challenge:


  1. I finished one book this week and I’m still one book behind on my book-to-read goal. I started another book today and I have to finish reading these two books next week to end my reading goal for my 12-week challenge.
  2. I did not make my marketing goal of 70 items this week. I only make 56 total this week. The Giveaways post on Goodreads have 354 total so far, a gain of 30 entries this week. “To Read List” has 136 entries to date, a gain of 12 entries this week. I’m been posting too much on social media the last 10 weeks. It might be construed as hard-core spamming so I have to tone it down a bit for one week. Next week, I have to do it again in earnest since my Goodreads Giveaways are ending on Nov. 2.

1 posts on Social Media

54 Press Releases

1 Giveaways post on Goodreads

3. I’m still trying to catch up on my word count challenge. I’m only at 44,355 words. I only have a week to catch up. This will be a tough order but I just keep on plugging along. My mind has been preparing for the NANOWRIMO in November so I’m not concentrating on this one. We’ll see what happens next week.



Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda Morgan, The Rose Lady

Author of “The Wentworth Legacy”


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