My tenth report for my 12-week challenge

Here is my 10th report on my 12-week challenge:

  • I’m one book behind on my book-to-read goal although I started another book to read. Right now, I am reading two books simultaneously. I have to finish reading 3 books in 2 weeks to make my reading goal for my 12-week challenge. This is a big challenge since I don’t do speed reading.
  • I exceeded my marketing goal of 70 items this week. The Giveaways post on Goodreads have 324 total so far. “To Read List” has 124 entries to date.

6  posts on Social Media

71 Press Releases

1 Giveaways post on Goodreads

  • I’m still trying to catch up on my word count challenge. I’m only at 43,639 words. I only have two weeks to catch up. This will be a tough order but I just keep on typing along.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda Morgan, The Rose Lady

Author of “The Wentworth Legacy”


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