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An urgent telegram to come home interrupts the carefree life of Spencer A Wentworth, a scion of an old banking family of the New York Gold Coast in Long Island, that can change his life forever when he returns from a Grand Tour. Thus begins a series of events putting pressure on his personal life. Will he be able to handle the big responsibility given to him?

With the stock market about to collapse, can the family save the family fortune including Wentworth Hall, his ancestral home. Will he and his family retain their way of life as the country gets deeper into the Great Depression?

As Spencer struggles with financial worries, he has to find a way to save his legacy at all cost including losing the only woman he loves. His sister, Emma, being involved in a love triangle and ends in a tragedy struggles with her guilt of tarnishing the family’s good name thus losing the man she truly loves. Will brother and sister ever find happiness in love?

A tale of responsibility, love, betrayal, and suspense during the Gilded Age.


“The Wentworth Legacy” is also available at regular price



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Rosalinda R Morgan

Author and Garden Writer


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