My 7th Report for my 12-week Challenge

Here is my seventh report for my twelve weeks challenge:


  1. My book to read goal is still on target. I finished Leadership by Rudolf Giuliani. I now have to read 4 more books in 5 weeks to make my reading goal for my 12-week challenge.
  2. I did 42 things on my marketing goal this week and made great stride when I ran a Kindle Countdown Deal this weekend. I reached up to some of the groups that I belong to and asked to share my posts. I did book signing to a small group also. I placed an ad to reach up to libraries and bookstores which should reach a big audience. The Giveaways post on Goodreads have 286 total so far, 19 entries this week. “To Read List” went to 109 from 100 last week.
  • 1 ad
  • 1 Press Release
  • 1 Giveaways post on Goodreads
  • 33 posts on Social Media.
  • 6 blogs
  1. I’m still behind on my word count challenge. I’m only at 31,244 words.


I was too busy doing marketing work but it did pay off. My author’s ranking at Amazon went up the roof. In a matter of ten days, from Sept. 16 to Sept. 26, I went from an obscure #766,096 to #41,888 on Amazon’s Author Rank for All books, from #52,106 to #6,790 on Romance category and from #10,142 to #1241 on Historical. I’m happy with these data. I hope they continue.


How can I top this? It’s not easy but I’m always competitive and my motto in life always inspires me: “Aim high and hit the mark”. So I just have to keep on going.



Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.


Rosalinda, The Rose Lady


Author of The Wentworth Legacy



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