Countdown to Launch “The Wentworth Legacy”

The day is almost here. We only have TWO DAYS left to launch “The Wentworth Legacy”. It’s coming down to the wire. The Kindle copy is ready. You can pre-order now and have it delivered to your Kindle. The paperback is about to come out within a few days of the Kindle launch.


Have you ever heard about the Gold Coast of Long Island? You must have. Do you remember “The Great Gatsby”? Well, that whole area of the North Shore of Long Island is famous for big estates during the Gilded Age? It is the setting of “The Wentworth Legacy”.


Do you miss the “Downton Abbey” yet? I’m sure you do. We don’t have the aristocracy in the United States. But we have the old money who comes as close to the aristocracy as you can get. Spencer A Wentworth is from the old money.


Discover the fabulous houses on the North Shore of Long Island and get a glimpse of how their owners live? Will their lifestyle continue as the country is heading toward the Great Depression? With the stock market about to crash, will Spencer be able to save the family fortune?  Will his sister, Emma, having an affair with a married man and ends in tragedy be able to spare the family of scandal. Will Spencer and his sister, Emma ever find happiness in love?


The Wentworth Legacy is a tale of responsibility, love, betrayal, suspense and redemption during the Gilded Age.


So get ready now for a good read. If you cannot wait for the paperback, you can pre-order your Kindle copy at right now.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.

Rosalinda, The Rose Lady


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