The Wentworth Legacy is now on pre-order at

The Wentworth Legacy, A Long Island Story by Rosalinda R Morgan is now on pre-order at Kindle. Launch Date is on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016. Reserve your copy now at

The Wentworth Legacy Kindle Cover Revised

A big surprise awaits Spencer A Wentworth, a scion of an old banking family of New York Gold Coast in Long Island, when he returns from a Grand Tour. Thus begins a series of events putting pressure on his personal life. Will he be able to handle the big responsibility given to him?

With the stock market about to collapse, can the family save the family fortune and escape bankruptcy? Will he and his family retain their way of life as the country gets deeper into the Depression?

Will Spencer find a solution to his financial and personal problems? How about his sister who is involved in a love triangle with a married man and ends in a tragedy? Will brother and sister ever find happiness in love?

A tale of responsibility, love, betrayal, suspense and redemption during the Gilded Age.



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