BAHALA NA (Come What May) – Special Offer

Limited Time Offer:  BAHALA NA (Come What May) – a WWII Story of Love, Faith, Courage, Determination and Survival is now at $0.99 at Kindle till Aug. 17, 2016. Download your copy now.


Book Description:

At a market near Baguio, out of boredom, Benjamin picks up a magazine to pass the time. Little does he know, reading the magazine will turn into an obsessive quest to meet the girl whose picture appeared in the magazine. He sees Adelaide’s picture as “Reyna Elena” and is smitten. And so begins the pursuit of meeting her. Will he ever meet Adelaide?

Then World War II starts and Benjamin is caught in a place 465 kilometers away from home as the Japanese are landing everywhere. How will he get home? The story takes you on a long and perilous journey across the mountains and plains of Northern Luzon, into the war stricken city of Manila into the Japanese occupied provinces. What happens if he encountered the Japanese on the way?

Through the start of the war into the Japanese occupation, Batangueños show their unswerving faith, love, courage and determination in the midst of never-ending struggle to survive. As Gen. MacArthur returns to liberate the Philippines, lives turn into an upheaval as evacuations are the norm of the day.

Bahala Na (Come What May) is a fresh look at the traditions and social mores of the era just before and during World War II. It also describes eyewitness accounts of World War II events that were never written before.


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2 thoughts on “BAHALA NA (Come What May) – Special Offer

  1. I, too, have a connection to WWII in the Philippines. My father, a U.S. Army first lieutenant, had been stationed for several months at Camp John Hay near Baguio on December 8, 1941, when the Japanese bombing began. He wasn’t injured then and managed to get a brief telegram to his wife and two young daughters back home in California, saying he was safe. But that was the last word from him for three and a half years. Did he survive? If so, how? Did he come home? My book about his experiences in the Philippines, The Luckiest Guerrilla, will be out later this year. I’ll post further details, as they become available, on my blog, Writings of an “Army Brat.”


  2. My father was near Baguio in Mankayan when the war started. He and his brothers and cousins had to walk home all the way from Baguio to Batangas because all transports were taken by the army. It must be about the same time that your father was at Camp John Hay when they passed Baguio. Thanks for dropping at my site. Glad to meet you and looking forward to your blog about your father’s experience in the Philippines..


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