“The Wentworth Legacy” Debut


Do you miss Downton Abbey? Don’t despair. You’ll love my latest book, “The Wentworth Legacy – A Long Island Novel”. Take a look at the way of life of the rich during the Roaring Twenties. Take advantage of the pre-order price of “The Wentworth Legacy” in Kindle, available now at Amazon.com. Price will go up on the Release Date which is Aug. 20, 2016.

A big surprise awaits Spencer A. Wentworth, a young scion of a wealthy old banking family of New York when he returns from the Grand Tour.

With the stock market about to crash, he is worried he might lose everything including his ancestral home. Can he find a way to avoid bankruptcy? Will the family lose everything in the wake of the Depression?

Not only are his finances in big trouble but his personal life is a mess and so is that of his sister, Emma, who is caught in a love triangle which ends in a tragedy. Will brother and sister ever find happiness in love?

A tale of responsibility, love, betrayal, suspense and redemption during the Gilded Age.





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