Would You Still Write A Story – Even If You Knew It Would Never Be Read by A Single Person?

I saw this question at LinkedIn.

First of all, that is the most negative thing I have heard a writer say. If you are a good writer and you have an interesting thing to say, someone out there will read your writings. If you are a writer which you claim to be, you write. That is your job. You keep on writing. That’s why you are called a writer. You write.

To be able to attract readers, you have to be a good writer. You have to learn your craft and educate yourself continuously. You have to write every day. The more you write, the better your writing will be. Practice makes perfect. It is a good axiom for anything you do in life.

You have to write and read too. They go hand in hand. Reading will make you a better writer. You learn from other writers as you read. You can never be a good writer if you are not a reader. I don’t believe a writer who said he/she does not read. How can you improve your writing if you don’t read? Reading stimulates your mind and improves your writing ability.

I will write every day and expect someone will read my articles and my books. My author’s credo is to inspire, motivate, educate and stimulate your mind. For that reason, someone will take note of what I write and read them.


Until next time. Stop and smell the roses.







About SCLMRose

Having retired from the business world, Rosalinda is now pursuing her great love of books by catching up on her reading which she had no time before. She also writes historical novels and rose gardening articles and is the editor of the award-winning newsletter, The Charleston Rose. All her books (The Wentworth Legacy, The Iron Butterfly, and BAHALA NA (Come What May) are available at www.amazon.com/author/rosalindarmorgan. On her spare time, she enjoys gardening and volunteering in her neighborhood.
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One Response to Would You Still Write A Story – Even If You Knew It Would Never Be Read by A Single Person?

  1. aliciahaynes says:

    I agree with you! Some of the best writers did not become famous until they had been dead for a long time. They wrote masterpieces during their life and had no idea that one day their novels would be on bookshelves throughout the world! They didn’t give up, they wrote every single day!

    In this technological world we live in there are far more chances of sharing our work with other writers. We need to think positive and encourage each other.

    Thanks for sharing!


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