April 9, 1942 – The Fall of Bataan


Seventy-four years ago on April 9, 1942, 76,000 men squeezed onto the tip of Bataan peninsula officially surrendered to the Japanese. They were without food or ammunition, and malaria and dysentery were widespread. They were forced to begin marching up the peninsula which survivors later aptly named the notorious “Bataan Death March”. Many more than a thousand deaths awaited the surrendering forces as the Japanese marched them off to a prison camp. The four-day, sixty-three-mile march in ninety-five degree weather would not have been difficult for well-nourished soldiers; but for malaria-ridden, ill-fed troops, the march was brutal. The Japanese killed many prisoners who were unable to move forward. It has been estimated that upwards of 10,000 died along the way from exhaustion or atrocious brutality imposed by their Japanese captors. The suffering survivors were herded into boxcars in San Fernando in the province of Pampanga and taken to an internment camp at Capas in the province of Tarlac. Upon reaching the prison camp, untold more thousands perished for lack of food, water and medical supplies.

Let’s remember those fallen soldiers today for their ultimate sacrifice to have our freedom today. As an author of WWII book, “BAHALA NA (Come What May)”, I salute those men and women who died to make us free.

I’m discounting the price of my book “BAHALA NA (Come What May)”, a story of love, faith, courage, determination and survival during WWII based on my parent’s life before and during the war so people can have an idea of what life was during those times. The book will be discounted in a day or so. Check it out at www.amazon.com/author/rosalindarmorgan.


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