Today is International Women’s Day

Salute to all the women on International Women’s Day!

Today, I want to honor my grandmother for her courage and daring ambition to be the best she could be given the circumstance she was in at that time.  She was the inspiration for my latest book, “The Iron Butterfly”. She was a feminist before the word came into being. She proved that with hard work and unshakable faith in herself, she could break the business barrier when her husband died and left her penniless with nine young children to support, ranging from 2 years old to 18 years old. She managed to bring them all up by herself and still succeeded in the business world .

“The Iron Butterfly”  was my grandmother’s life story – how as a single mother, she managed to survive amidst all difficulties and became very successful in the 1930s without compromising her ideals of a gracious and gentle woman in a male-dominated business world when men ruled everything. 

For more of her life, read “The Iron Butterfly” available at


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