The story of The Iron Butterfly begins

butterfly_frontEighty-seven years ago today, on Dec. 22, 1928, the story of The Iron Butterfly begins. Regina Buendia’s husband suffers a stomachache and the next day, two days before Christmas, he dies.

The Iron Butterfly is a gripping tale about the intense devotion and ordeal of Regina Buendia, a young mother who suddenly finds herself all alone and penniless with nine young children to support after her husband dies. Facing a bleak future, she has to find a way to tackle a male chauvinistic society where men still rule the business world. Will she be able to break through the barrier?

As the Great Depression affects the colonies, Regina Buendia is now faced with new concern – how to survive with business suffering and money being so tight. As her children grow up, she is faced with new dilemma about her children’s changing attitudes towards marriage.

Just as Regina Buendia thinks she is getting ahead, a major natural disaster happens with terrible consequence to follow. Then her problems become insignificant compared to what is about to happen – the attack on Pearl Harbor and how the war in the Pacific affects their very existence.

The Iron Butterfly is an inspiring story of faith, hope and daring ambition. Get your copy today. Available at


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

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Rosalinda Morgan 

Author and Garden Writer

The Iron Butterfly

BAHALA NA (Come What May)

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