I made it to Day 10. Last night I reached 19,838, a little short of 10,000 –word milestone. I’m still on target to my goal. I cannot slow down. Although today I had a small aberration. My husband got a bad nose bleed and I had to rush him to emergency. We went to the nearest clinic but they were closed so we ended up in the hospital emergency which was quite a distance. I lost 4 hours of work today.

My tip for today has something to do with goals.

  1. Set realistic writing goals. Write it down and put it near your writing spot so you can see it every day. Even if you missed your goal, having a goal keeps you motivated and it encourages you to put forth serious effort to attain it. Be specific and follow a regular schedule like writing two hours a day or five hours a day or twenty hours a week but write. You can always change your goal if necessary. Keep in mind that you can always amend it except the NANOWRIMO challenge where our goal is 50,000 words for the month which we can spread out through the whole month of November at any rate we are comfortable with and convenient for us. My other writing goal is to publish a book every two years. It’s not impossible and it is easily attainable. So what is your writing goal?

My book recommendation for today is The Bells by Richard Harvell where the main character has a goal to sing at the famous opera house in Vienna. He works at it and he accomplishes his goal.

 The Bells

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