Last night, I advanced to 12, 061 words on NANOWRIMO Challenge. Today is Double Up Day? What is my goal for Double Up Day? I’m planning to write at least 3,334 words, which is double the recommended daily word count for Nano. We’ll see what happens when I finish today.

Here is my tip on becoming a better writer for Day 7:

  1. Begin a Writer’s Notebook. Not a journal or a diary although you can have that too if you want. A Writer’s Notebook is merely a place to record your ideas, observations, outlines, descriptions or anything you think you may need for your future writings. It should provide materials and inspirations for your writings. You can divide your notebook into sections and write in appropriate headings for easy reference. A notebook can be anything that is easy for you to use. It can be spiral notebook, a blank bound book like the marble notebook we use in school, a three-ring binder or a legal pad. It does not have to be fancy. Most likely you can use your iphone if you have one and take notes on your Notes icon. As long as you have a piece of something to record your thoughts and ideas when you think about it, that will be fine. Keep it handy at all times. You never know when an idea pop into your head.

Upstairs at the White House

Here is a fascinating book about the life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  – Upstairs at the White House by J.B. West, the man who spent nearly three decades in their midst. J.B. West is the chief usher of the White House who directed the operations and maintenance of the home of our presidents and their first ladies – Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. He supervised all activities from mundane tasks to state functions and had to interact daily with the first families and the relatives and friends who visited the White House. He must have thousands of notes to fill up this book. A fascinating read by our own version of Mr. Carson of Downton Abbey.

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