My first short story won an award!

The most gratifying aspect of being a writer is when someone acknowledges your talent in the form of an award. I have been lucky to have a few of them. Someday, I hope to win the big ones but for now, I’m happy with what I have gotten so far. I enjoy writing and I’m always on the lookout of how to improve my craft and that motivation is always the driving force of whatever I do in life.

There was a Writing Competition sponsored by the Writer’s Digest in May 2015 and I decided to enter the short story category. My entry called “The Pink Slip” won an award. I was so excited when I received the email from the Writer’s Digest. It really made my day. Someday, I’ll publish it.

84th WD writing competition 2015

Hello Rosalinda R Morgan!Congratulations! Your entry, The Pink Slip was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 84th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.




About SCLMRose

Having retired from the business world, Rosalinda is now pursuing her great love of books by catching up on her reading which she had no time before. She also writes historical novels and rose gardening articles and is the editor of the award-winning newsletter, The Charleston Rose. All her books (The Wentworth Legacy, The Iron Butterfly, and BAHALA NA (Come What May) are available at On her spare time, she enjoys gardening and volunteering in her neighborhood.
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