Can you read 260 books in a year?


I was browsing on the internet and something caught my attention. Someone claimed that he read 260 books in 2014. Another said he read 500 books in 2014. How do you do that? Do you have a life at all? Unless you are reading Children’s Books, I can’t see that is possible. Even if you are reading in your sleep.

My husband and I are both avid readers. We are both retired. My husband read a lot and he does not read quite close to that number. I very seldom watch TV except for Downton Abbey. My husband watches PBS News Hour and old movies. Yet we do not read as much compared to those readers.

Do you read or do you scan a book? There is quite a difference between the two. If a book is a page turner, I can possibly finish a book of 250 pages in two days if I don’t do anything else but read. A 500-page book or a book like Sarum which is 1035 pages will take me forever. Right now, I’m reading Hawaii which is 937 pages long. It will take me a while to finish it since I do something else in between my reading. I enjoy historical fictions and lately I’ve been picking up books heavy in history and it takes a lot of time to read them and absorb everything you read.

I read 26 books last year and to me that’s quite an achievement. I add 2 more books this year as my goal. In November I don’t read but concentrate on writing because I join the NANOWRIMO challenge in November when I have to write a novel of 50,000+ words in 30 days. I also have a life. I garden. I clean my house. I volunteer some of my time. I write – published my second novel, The Iron butterfly early this year. I am an editor of two newsletters (used to be three newsletters) and won an award with one of them. I chair the Landscape Committee in my neighborhood. I volunteer for the garden club. I sing at my church choir. I have a full life.

So how do you fit 260+ books to read in a year? How do you read a 440-page novel in one day? Do you just read the jacket and scan the pages from the top down to the bottom? You still have to sleep and if you are retired, you may even take a nap. I know you can eat and read at the same time. I don’t do that. I enjoy my meals. But reading a 440-page historical book in one day to me is unbelievable. What’s the secret? We all want to know how anyone does that.

One thought on “Can you read 260 books in a year?

  1. Some persons use audiobooks to read, some read many short stories and or short novels and some read very fast. Hence, I will not doubt if someone reads 260 books in a year


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