Bronze Award for The Charleston Rose

Besides being a novelist, I am also an editor of three newsletters: The Charleston Rose of Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society, Carolina Rosarian of the American Rose Society Carolina District and the Whitney Lake Gazette of the Whitney Lake Homeowners Association. The three newsletters and my books in progress keep me busy all day.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the May/June 2015 copy of The American Rose, the magazine of the American Rose Society and the results of the 2014 newsletter/bulletin competition were announced in the magazine. Our newsletter, The Charleston Rose, won a bronze award – third place in the country. It was the first time, Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society won an award for their newsletter. It was a great achievement for my local society and for me.

When I became the editor three years ago, I was told we had to buy the Publisher software since their newsletter has always been on Publisher but I tried to save the society some money and instead started doing the newsletter on Word. I had the opinion that newsletter should be about content, interesting and informative, not about fancy images.

I feel proud for Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society and I’m grateful to be given the chance to be their editor.


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