It’s now Day20. I’m a third away on my journey to finishing the NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) marathon.

I finished 34,333 words last night, getting close to the 50,000-word count. The novel is taking shape but I have to stay motivated to push forward. Sometimes I sat on my chair staring at my computer screen and did not know what to write next.  I typed in words, then deleted them and typed some more until I thought it made sense. I’m writing a story about a strong-willed woman based on my grandmother’s life. My grandmother’s life story gave me all the inspiration I needed to begin writing. She tried to survive without the help of her husband who died unexpectedly leaving her with nine young children to support. Will she find the strength she needs to sustain life without the financial help and support of a loving husband? Buoyed by her love for her children and an undying principle that it is her duty to keep her children together no matter what, will she find a way to keep them together? It is a memoir that reads like fiction.

I am getting to the point of the story where the children were all grown-ups and big kids had bigger problems than young kids. It will be interesting how the story evolves as the years go by. I have roughly just under 16,000 words to fill in the rest of the story. The story begins in 1928 and ends going into WWII. Then it continues to my current book, BAHALA NA (Come What May).  


Copyright © 2013.  By Rosalinda Morgan, author “BAHALA NA (Come What May)”.


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