The Iron Butterfly

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The Iron Butterfly is a gripping tale about the intense devotion and ordeal of Regina Buendia, a young mother who suddenly finds herself all alone and penniless with nine young children to support after her husband died suddenly. Facing a bleak future, she has to find a way to tackle a male chauvinistic society where men still rule the business world. Will she be able to break through the barrier?

As the Great Depression affected the colonies, she is faced with new concern – how to survive with business suffering and money being so tight. Her problems become insignificant after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and how the war in the Pacific affects their very existence.

Read about her adventures in the business world, her heartaches and the outbreak of WWII.

An inspiring story of love, faith, and daring ambition.

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Preview of The Iron Butterfly

Chapter 1

It was dark and quiet. Not a sound could be heard. Everyone was still sound asleep. Out of habit, she got up early and quietly pushed the mosquito netting out of the way, afraid to wake up her husband who finally went to sleep after a restless night. She listened intently but could not hear any sound coming from the other rooms where her children were sleeping. A good sign. She wanted to tackle some of the tasks on her list before dawn without distractions. If she could accomplish half of what she wanted to do today before everyone woke up, she should be in fine shape.

Regina Buendia, always so fastidious about her appearance, was still a slender and pretty young woman in spite of having delivered nine children. In her flowered nightgown and with her hair loose down her shoulder, she looked in her twenties and acted like one with her boundless energy but with a mature outlook in life. She tiptoed out of her bedroom like a thief in the night. Outside her bedroom door, she lit up a kerosene lamp, picked it up and walked down the hall to her workroom. There was so much for her to do before Christmas which was only a few days away. She was being pulled here and there and she had to make sure everything was organized properly. The maids would take care of the household chores but they still had to be told what to do. In a big family with nine children like hers, things could get chaotic as holidays near.

Her husband, Eugenio, was another matter that she had to deal with on this busy morning. He woke up in the middle of the night and complained that his stomach hurt badly. She heard him moaning and groaning all night. He was in bad shape from the look of him. He was always in good spirits and in good health but not today. She could sense it. He must be really hurting to complain so much. She did not think he could be of much help to anyone today if his pain persisted. He might even need some help himself with what he had to do. This unfortunate situation could not happen at a worse time.