Easter Greetings

    Christ is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! Wishing you and your loved one a Happy and Blessed Easter!!!   Rosalinda            


Iwo Jima Remembered…

Let’s not forget the sacrifice they made to have the freedom we enjoy today!

Pacific Paratrooper

William Leahy, USMC

“As it appeared on Locust Valley Leader, March 4, 2015. Patty Brexel of the LV Leader sent this to me,” Rosalinda Morgan, contributor.

William Leahy, at 17, enlisted in the U.S.M.C. in December, 1943. At that age, he needed parental permission to join. Eventually his mother relented and signed the form. Less than one year later the young Marine fought in what is considered the bloodiest battle the Corps has engaged in to date. In the following , Leahy vividly recalls some memories of the 36 days he spent on Iwo Jima.
In his words:

There was a war going on and I wanted to fight for our country. After boot camp at Parris Island, S.C. much to my disappointment, I was assigned to guard duty in Maryland. One day I noticed a Fleet Marine Force sign-up sheet on a bulletin board at the camp. I immediately…

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The Ice Age – Part 1


Glacier by samboep Photo by samboep

About two million years ago, the land was already formed. One large land area reached out into the Pacific Ocean from the Asian continent. Only the South China, Sulu and Celebes basins remained as seas. But events were taking shape in the earth’s polar region, causing three successive ice ages which lowered sea levels by 100 meters (330 feet). Sheets of ice were forming over the vast areas of the middle latitude of the North American continent and over much of northwestern Eurasia. From these areas, the ice seems to have moved out slowly in all directions, but mostly southward. The ice sheets were formed from snow, which must have fallen in great quantities when the climate was not warm enough to melt it. The ice was so thick that only the highest mountain peaks were visible about it.

glacier by myeviajes Photo by freegreatpicture.com

The ice age consisted of…

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Welcome Spring, A Time of Renewal

    I love living in the South where spring comes early. While NY where I came from is still having freezing weather and snow storm is still the norm in March, here in Charleston, the days are getting longer and warm air is creeping in. As I walk the dog this morning, I heard …

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March 18 – My parents’ wedding anniversary


Today, March 18, 2018 marks the 75th wedding anniversary of my parent and if Dad did not pass away in May 2007, I’m sure there would be a party. Filipinos love parties. They will find any excuse to have a party.

What made their marriage endure for so long? Love, patience, total commitment and resilience. Dad being a businessman had his share of worries and problems. It was feast or famine at my house growing up. One day, Dad had three gas stations or had an exclusive on iron window grill business bringing too much money and then one day, he was totally broke. We managed somehow. Dad was on a cash basis. If he did not have the money, he did not buy anything. No credit card, no mortgage on the house. (I wish I have that luck.) When he bought land and built a house, it was…

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How the Philippine Islands were formed


The Philippines is a country full of legends. Filipinos love legends and myths and they believe in superstitions. The legend of the sea and the sky (posted on Sept 2, 2017) is one of them. In truth, there were only the huge body of water, the mighty ocean which would later be called the Pacific Ocean and the encompassing sky above it in the beginning. At that time, the Philippine tectonic plate sat squeezed between the vast Pacific and Asiatic plates.

Geologically speaking, the Philippine archipelago was formed by volcanic eruptions from under the sea and the buckling of the earth’s crust when two tectonic plates collided about 65 million years ago. When the world’s largest and much heavier Pacific Plate moved under the smaller Philippine Plate, the Philippine Plate buckled under the tectonic pressure pushing land masses. Northern Luzon sat on the western edge of the Philippine Plate, while…

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