March 18 – My parents’ wedding anniversary


Today, March 18, 2018 marks the 75th wedding anniversary of my parent and if Dad did not pass away in May 2007, I’m sure there would be a party. Filipinos love parties. They will find any excuse to have a party.

What made their marriage endure for so long? Love, patience, total commitment and resilience. Dad being a businessman had his share of worries and problems. It was feast or famine at my house growing up. One day, Dad had three gas stations or had an exclusive on iron window grill business bringing too much money and then one day, he was totally broke. We managed somehow. Dad was on a cash basis. If he did not have the money, he did not buy anything. No credit card, no mortgage on the house. (I wish I have that luck.) When he bought land and built a house, it was…

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How the Philippine Islands were formed


The Philippines is a country full of legends. Filipinos love legends and myths and they believe in superstitions. The legend of the sea and the sky (posted on Sept 2, 2017) is one of them. In truth, there were only the huge body of water, the mighty ocean which would later be called the Pacific Ocean and the encompassing sky above it in the beginning. At that time, the Philippine tectonic plate sat squeezed between the vast Pacific and Asiatic plates.

Geologically speaking, the Philippine archipelago was formed by volcanic eruptions from under the sea and the buckling of the earth’s crust when two tectonic plates collided about 65 million years ago. When the world’s largest and much heavier Pacific Plate moved under the smaller Philippine Plate, the Philippine Plate buckled under the tectonic pressure pushing land masses. Northern Luzon sat on the western edge of the Philippine Plate, while…

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Tips on Buying Roses

Rose Gardening World



Lowwes Roses 

On a recent visit to Lowe’s, I encountered a whole shelf of bagged roses. Then the following week, a whole shipment of container roses appeared on the display areas. If you are a novice rose gardeners, you’ll wonder which roses to buy.

Buying roses should not be a great challenge. You can purchase roses through the mail-order companies or buy at your local nursery stores or even discount stores and groceries. However, not all roses have the same quality. Your best option is to buy from reliable sources which can guarantee their quality.

Roses are graded according to a uniform standard. Some plants will be better than others due to variances with rootstocks and bud eyes and placement in growing fields. Number 1’s grade is the best and obviously cost more. Some nurseries will order a mix of 1’s, 1 ½’s and some will even order 2’s…

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Pruning your Roses – A Spring Rite for Rosarians

We prune our roses for several reasons – to keep our roses healthy, to control its excessive growth and to shape the bush for a better display.   Before we rush out there in the garden, make sure you have all the right equipments. A good pair of bypass pruner preferably Felco. No 2 is …

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The Legend of the Philippines


Sea and Bird Photo credit: manfredrichter @pixabay

Several million years ago, there was nothing but the enormous sea and the expansive sky. In the vast emptiness, a cunning bird came and saw the calmness of the sea and the beauty of the glorious sky. At first, the bird thought it was really pleasant, beautiful and extremely peaceful. The bird watched it every day, flying over the wave year in and year out. A few years passed and one day, the bird became restless because the scenery was the same all the time day in and day out and it started to get monotonous and boring. The bird thought what a waste it was. The bird also needed a place to land and rest its weary wings. The bird kept on thinking what it could do to make the place more interesting. For days, the bird could not think of anything else. It kept…

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March 3, 1945 – Battle for Manila Ends


Seventy-three years ago on March 3, 1945, the Battle for Manila ended with the city in ruin. By that time the battle started on February 3, majority of the bridges over Pasig River had been destroyed by the Japanese in anticipation of the Americans advancing into the city.

During the month-long battle between February 3 and March 3, 1945, Manila was completely destroyed. All that remained by the end were heaps of smouldering rubble. The charred bodies half-buried in the ruins bore terrible witness to a massacre beyond the nightmare of any Manileño. An estimated 100,000 Manileño had been killed. The Battle for Manila occupies a unique place in the history of the Pacific War. It was the only occasion on which American and Japanese forces fought each other in a city and it was the largest battle of its kind yet fought by either the American or the Japanese…

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Los Banos (2)

Rescue at Los Banos continues . . . Part 1 on


Pacific Paratrooper

New Bilibid Prison

Heading out from New Bilibid Prison, the group also turned south down Highway 1 and eventually turned off at Mamatid, along the western shore of Laguna de Bay and about five miles above the San Juan River. Here, the entire convoy went into bivouac under a canopy of trees. Major Burgess finally informed the men about the upcoming mission, specifying the role of each company, the engineers, and the two gun crews.

Dry riverbed route to Los Banos

That afternoon the convoy of 54 amphibious tractors of the 672nd Amphibious Tractor Battalion, commanded by Lt. Col. Joseph W. Gibbs, moved out. The amtracs had been sitting at the Manila racetrack for a couple of weeks before making the trek southward through the streets.  After traveling along Highway 1 to Muntinlupa, the convoy turned east and crawled into the waters of Laguna de Bay. Traveling southward until just…

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