Where did you get ideas for your novel “The Wentworth Legacy”?

I have been asked a few times where will I get my ideas for my writings. For my next book, The Wentworth Legacy, I have been toying about the idea of writing about the upper crust of Long Island for a long time. They are mostly WASP. For those who do not know what that is, WASP stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant. My husband’s family is a WASP although my husband goes to a Catholic Church with me since we got married. I  also married a Morgan. I have been asked often enough, “Any relation to J.P. Morgan?” The answer is “My husband’s family was here first. 1650s I believe.” Or “I won’t be working if he was”. Why people asked about that, I have no idea.

What makes a marriage to a Morgan different from any other marriage?

First, I was exposed to the lifestyle of the old money which I had no idea when I got married. They are different. They dress, talk, and act differently and they are comfortable in their own skin. They can be at ease with a garbage man or the Queen of England. They know how to act and behave in public. They don’t put airs. They know they do not have to prove anything to anybody. They are very confident about themselves. It’s a different world out there for those born to it. I had a lot of adjustments to do when I married one.

As I started my journey as a writer, I began to think why not write something about them and who is better qualified to edit my manuscript than my husband who was born among them though a poor relation. His family only had seven servants when he was growing up.

And so “The Wentworth Legacy” was born.

The Wentworth Legacy Kindle Cover Revised

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