General Miguel Malvar and the Philippine Revolution – Part 1


Not generally known are the historical facts that Miguel Malvar succeeded Aguinaldo as president of the Philippine Republic, the last revolutionary general to lay down his arms in the war against Spain, and the last Filipino rebel to surrender to the Americans.

Malvar was born in Barrio San Miguel, Santo Tomas, Batangas, on September 27, 1865, the eldest of the three children of Maximo Malvar and Tiburcia Carpio. He and his brother, Potenciano, both attended the Malabanan school in Tanawan, the best secondary institution in Batangas. The Malabanan school moved to the town of Bauan in the 1882-83 school year. Miguel spent two years at the Malabanan school and one more year at another local educational institution. He married Paula Maloles and had 13 children, but only 11 survived. He engaged in commerce for a while, and with his earnings, purchased land on the slopes of Mount Makiling, where he…

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