Binasuan – A Filipino Folk Dance

Fun to watch!


Have you ever balanced something on your head without dropping it in a short time? It is not easy to do. Try to imagine a glass half-filled with wine and dancing at the same time.

Watch this:

Binasuan is a colorful and lively Filipino folk dance which shows off the balancing skills of the dancers. Binasuan derives its name from the word baso meaning drinking glass. In Tagalog, most nouns become verbs by adding in after the first letter and an or han after the last. Hence binasuan literally means “have put on drinking glass”.

The glasses that the dancers gracefully, yet carefully maneuver are half-filled with rice wine or other liquids. They are placed on top of the head and each hand of the dancers as they dance performing balancing tricks. The arms are rotated over and under the shoulder keeping the palms facing up so as not…

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